An Abstract is a crucial component of your dissertation. Presented at the beginning of the dissertation, it is the first substantive description of your work when an external examiner reads. A writer should view an abstract as an opportunity to set accurate expectations.

An abstract is, therefore, a summary of the whole dissertation. It represents all the major elements of your dissertation in a condensed form. It should cover everything in your main paper in a concise way. Getting a good dissertation abstract is one of the main elements of a good dissertation. At Essay Online Writers, we are well knowledgeable with what needs to be covered in your dissertation. Our writers ensure that your dissertation will stand out among your peers.



  1. Study background and significance which answers;
  • The purpose of the research.
  • Reason for carrying out the research.
  • How the study is significant.


  1. Components of the research strategy adopted which answers;
  • The research design that guided your study.
  • Scope of the study.
  • Research methods used.
  • The main ideas, constructs, and variables that you examined, measured, controlled, or ignored.
  • The sample and population used.
  • The analysis techniques used to arrive at your findings


  1. Major findings which should answer the following;
  • If the findings answered your research questions or hypothesis
  • What did the findings show in terms of the research questions?
  • The most important findings
  • The significance of one’s findings


  1. Conclusion
  • According to the findings discussed, your conclusion should address
  • What has been learned?
  • What the implications of the study are
  • What limitations did your research encounter?




In general, your dissertation abstract should be around 280 words. However, this word count varies from one university to another, so be sure to understand what is expected of you in terms of the length. Your abstract summarizes your full dissertation, and anyone reading it should know your dissertation, the methodology employed, and most importantly, your results, which most students forget. A professional abstract writer knows that half of the abstract should be based on the findings.


Dissertation Abstract Help services

At Essay Online Writers , we know how challenging it can be to write an abstract and how critical it is to adopt the right structure. As a student, you may have encountered the abstract briefly as a graduate or undergraduate. Since high school, you have been writing assignments, but this is all-new, and consequently, many students reach out to us for help writing a dissertation abstract.   Since the word count is so small, it is crucial to know what important details to include in the abstract while ensuring it still makes sense and the results have been discussed.


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